The SSNS membership which includes highly qualified people with various levels of international and local experience is also open for interested consultants- doctors under training –students and society members. Currently the full members of the society include 46 well known practice figures. It also contains important delegate and associate members.

Please read this carefully:

Full membership is for individuals who are registered specialist in any branch of neurosciences (basic and clinical) in Sudan Medical Council or equivalent international regulatory bodies (e.g. GMC in UK)

Affiliate Membership is offered to dignitaries, official bodies or corporate representatives.

Associate Membership if offered to under- and post-graduate students studying neuroscience courses at recognized institutions and show evidence to be planning to contribute to the activities of SSNS. This is judged from a brief CV to be attached to the application form. Students studying other subjects and high school or college students are also welcome to apply providing evidence as the latter group.

Honorary Membership is granted by the Executive Committee of SSNS to individuals, official bodies or corporate representatives after election by a member of the committee with evidence that will service the objectives of SSNS.

Only full members are allowed to vote, to be elected or head the society offices. All members are allowed to attend the society activities and meetings as well as join taskforces and committees.

The society has an elected president, vice president, secretary general and office leaders.

Applications are sent to the secretary general and approved by the executive committee of SSNS.

A confirmation of the membership approval, type and serial number (for full members) will be sent through one of the contact details provided in a maximum period of 4 weeks.

All supplied information will be treated in the strictest confidentiality and will be used for the formal SSNS work only.

Thank you for applying to SSNS.

SSNS Membership Committee

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further quire